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Truck Cranes

Offered Truck Cranes is the electric hoist beam crane, employed for the loading, unloading and handling of general objects founded in workshop, assembling workshop, machining, metal structure workshop and warehouses. Th device is used for lifting as well as lowering the load via the means of a lift-wheel or drums. It may be operated in a manual, electric and pneumatic manner. Provided lifting mediums can be raised and lowered by making the use of hoist mechanism. Suited for vertical assistance of freely suspended, bulky loads, heavy equipments, it is employed in conjunction with overhead cranes and workstation cranes. The lifting capacities of Truck Cranes depends on its construction.

Key Points :
  • Their travel is oriented via an operator, either manually or with the assistance of wireless controls or wired pendant station.
  • The applications include construction, manufacturing and warehousing.
  • Customizable & portable products offered with safety features.
  • Can be effortlessly transported from site to site or job to job.
Product Image (STC850)

85 Ton Truck Crane

The advantages of our 85 Ton Truck Crane additionally apply when the backings are stretched out to their most extreme length. The best increments are in working reaches over the backings when halfway stabilizer is additionally being used. The increments in lifting limits imply that counterbalance transport is basically not required for some, crane employments.

Product Image (STC800)

80 Ton Truck Crane

When a load is raised over a reinforcement of our 80 Ton Truck Crane, the danger of tipping is lower than amid to the other side, for instance. This implies the framework can allow a higher lifting limit and loads can be moved to a more prominent effort.

Product Image (STC1000S)

100 Ton Truck Crane

Amid the years improvement stage 100 Ton Truck Crane made a few creative estimating advancements. The extra security and the higher lifting limit imply that the buy costs are immediately amortized. Offered crane sets new benchmarks for security for every day crane activity.

Product Image (STC1300C)

130 Ton Truck Crane

130 Ton Truck Crane is as of now demonstrating its value with numerous crane contractual workers and has gotten various honors for being a point of reference in protected and proficient crane activity. The danger of mischances from erroneous set-up or the wrong programming of the set-up state is definitely decreased.

Product Image (STC1600)

160 Ton Truck Crane

160 Ton Truck Cranes are likewise versatile go romping on their off-road case. To great degree smaller measurements are an element of LTC conservative cranes from us. With standard truck body, our mounted cranes are a minimal effort elective for stack limits over 160 tons.

Product Image (STC600S)

60 Ton Truck Crane

In any case, definitely decreased lifting limits of our 60 Ton Truck Crane implied that some raising work was inconceivable. Bigger crane areas, encourage far from the heap implied that all the more intense cranes must be utilized. Our machine permits every individual crane support to be situated discretionarily.

Product Image (STC750)

75 Ton Truck Crane

The 75 Ton Truck Crane task is secured by the controlled load movement limiter. Our crane builds effectiveness for crane activities by guaranteeing higher lifting limits. The framework recognizes the machine's exact focus of gravity as well as the tipping edges, afterward sets the two in respect to one other.

Product Image (STC500)

50 Ton Truck Crane

The space accessible for crane activities on numerous locales is exceptionally confined. It is frequently unrealistic to expand every one of the backings equally. In the past our 50 Ton Truck Crane has implied that crane drivers have needed to decrease their help bases and utilize fittingly customized lifting limit tables.

Product Image (SPC400)

40 Ton Truck Crane

The upgraded run and lifting limit implies that the framework's ability has additionally been moved forward. 40 Ton Truck Crane is an extraordinary framework which empowers every individual crane support to be stretched out to a discretionary length.

Product Image (STC450C)

45 Ton Truck Crane

The load movement limiter inside the 45 Ton Truck Crane control guarantees that our crane can work securely. This counteracts mischances by human mistake amid both the set-up and while lifting loads. Our crane additionally increments lifting limits and broadens the working reach, and not simply on tightened destinations.

Product Image (SPC250)

25 Ton Truck Crane

The 25 Ton Truck Cranes include brilliant rough terrain ability. Our cranes can deal with overwhelming burdens and additionally gigantic working statures and radii. The expanded protections and convenience take the strain off crane driver, who can focus completely.

Product Image (SPC300)

30 Ton Truck Crane

The space accessible on locales is frequently tightened. It is as often as possible difficult to expand every one of the outriggers of the versatile crane uniformly. 30 Ton Truck Crane from us enables the crane to be utilized securely and adaptably in these troublesome conditions.


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