Truck Cranes
Offered Truck Cranes is the electric hoist beam crane, employed for the loading, unloading and handling of general objects founded in workshop, assembling workshop, machining, metal structure workshop and warehouses.
Crawler Cranes
Crawler cranes are used for lifting heavy duty loads. These are mounted on a tracked moveable platform and are capable of lifting on different ground surfaces. As compared to wheeled cranes, these equipment are more stable and can lift more weight.
All Terrain Cranes
All terrain cranes are suitable for rural areas as they have the ability to move easily through sand and gravel roads as well as highways. Further, these cranes have larger lifting capacity.
Rough Terrain Cranes
Rough terrain cranes are subdivision of hydraulic crane. These are specially designed for rough applications, off road and surfaces. Moreover, they have compact design and knobby tires to climb over uneven surfaces easily.
Mini Excavators
Mini excavators are more preferred for small and medium sized projects. These innovative equipment are used for digging holes, drains, fountains, ponds, lakes etc. We offer these machine in the range of 2 tones to 3.5 tones.
Small Excavators
Small excavators have some unique advantages such as they are easier accessible at small areas, less noise pollution, use less power, easy to transport and many more. We offer these excavators in range of 8 ton to 14 ton.
Medium Excavators
Medium excavators are used for certain average size of construction projects. We offer these machine in 21, 22 and 24 ton size. These machines are widely used in forestry work, digging house foundations etc.
Large Excavators
Large excavators are available in 38 and 48 ton capacity. These are suitable for mining and other heavy duty purpose. In addition to this, these can be utilize for lifting heavy duty equipment.
Piling Rigs
Piling rigs are a construction machine mainly used for drilling sandy soil, clay and silty clay. These are essential equipment used in foundation engineering of municipal construction, bridge, diaphragm wall and slope protection etc.
Motor Grader
Motor grader is an one of the construction machines used to create smooth wall, wide ranging and level surface. This machine spreads the soil and then flattens that soil. More often, it is used for maintenance of roads.
Reach Stackers
Reach Stackers are vehicle used for lifting and handling intermodal cargo containers in small terminals or medium size ports. These vehicle can transport a container within a short distance at very quickly.
Concrete Machinery
Concrete Machinery consist of revolving drum to mix the material components and that material is used in the construction site. Our offered machines give ample time to use the concrete before it becomes harder.
Crawler Excavators
Crawler excavators are machines used for digging, moving earth and large objects. Their application is also in the ripping, boring, crushing and cutting. In addition to this, they can also handle heavy loads.
Empty Container Handlers
Empty Container Handlers are used to transport and handle empty containers. These vehicles are used for transporting containers within a short distance quickly and efficiently. Further, these vehicle consumes less fuel and saves money.
Heavy Duty Forklifts
Heavy duty Forklifts are strong and powerful trucks widely used in the construction sites, warehouses and factories. These vehicle transport goods from one place to other effortlessly. Further, these equipment have lifting capacity of up to 50 tons.
Reach Trucks
Reach Trucks are widely used for lifting and moving various loads quickly and efficiently. These trucks have excellent lifting capacity, that is why these are of great value in warehouses and industries.
Wind Turbine Generator
Wind Turbine Generator is more often used in wind turbines applications. It produces more energy for a long time. Further, it also consume less power for charging.

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